Volunteer Event at the Ronald McDonald House

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by a Pathwise member, Robert Koester.

A four person team that manifested from Pathwise went on to do something simple.  One night, at the Ronald McDonald House, create a dinner for families that just spent the day at the hospital with their children.


After arriving at the RMH at 3pm, we were off to the races in creating our meals for the families.  Because of the many dangers with children having a low immunity, the cooking process had to have sanitization top of mind at all times.  In keeping in the rules of sanitization, gloves had to be switched out for almost every activity so as to not spread germs.  In essence, our experience was like cooking in an operating room.  The process was a bit of an inconvenience but not a bit of trouble when thinking of the “why”.

Our four person team never stressed and never became cross with one another – not for one minute.  The whole experience on a personal level was as smooth as pumpkin pie. It was never about us, it was all about the kids and families and serving that need.


The “why” – A testimonial in their own words that should move any soul to action:

“I would like to thank you all for your wonderful spirit of hospitality and love. This was our first stay at a Ronald McDonald House. You all made us feel so welcomed and loved. This is truly a home away from home for families with sick kids. Because of all of you and your generous spirits, my daughter was able to concentrate on healing and she didn’t have to worry about mom and if I was safe, warm, and fed.”

All that can be said is that it was a splendid time and we hope to do this again with our four-person Pathwise manifestation along with new comrades.

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One Response to Volunteer Event at the Ronald McDonald House

  1. Tanya Davis says:

    Great work!

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